Devastating Impacts of Rising Sea Levels

Climate change is becoming a very big problem in our day and age. Though there are many consequences, there are four many ones, rising sea levels, global health, animal endangerment, and deforestation. Rising sea levels consequences can deeply impact the other three consequences. Rising sea levels is the most important consequence of climate change.

First, rising sea levels destroys and ruins homes and businesses and will destroy the economy. Many homes and businesses will become submerged in water or flooded (Source H). Many islands around the world also become submerged every year, which is already impacting millions (Source G). So many people will lose their belongings and jobs. All the people affected by this would have to move to higher land. The economy will be very damages from, first, everyone moving so close together that there won’t be jobs for everyone there. Second, jobs involving tourism will go away because of the destruction of beaches and overcrowding of other areas (Source I). 

Second, it will impact our food and water. Most freshwater will become contaminated because the sea level will have increased so much (Source G). Distillation, or taking the salt out of salt water, is very time-consuming and expensive. With people losing their jobs and homes due to the sea, it would be very hard for many people to afford it. Many food resources like farms will be destroyed. The sea will destroy various animal habitats and farms that provide us all food (Source I). Farms that aren’t on shore could be removed to provide room to build homes for everyone moving. 

Third, many lives will be lost. Floods and storms are already getting stronger from climate change and will most likely get even stronger. These strong natural disasters will kill many people and animals (Source I). Deadly storms like hurricanes already kill many and they’ve been getting stronger very fast. People may not have enough resources to survive through so many storms and will either move to overcrowded places or will die from all the storms and floods. Animals will lose their habitats, and most will die just from that. If not, they will lose their prey and won’t find enough or no food and die off that way (Source A). Animals like polar bears and other arctic animals have already been profoundly affected by this already.

In conclusion, rising sea levels causes the most consequences of climate change. Not only does it have many consequences, it has the consequences of global health, from loss of food and water, and animal endangerment by destroying their homes and taking away their food source.